Training “Insight”

Date: 29-30.11. 2013 Jerusalem

Nearly half of our planet population wears glasses or lenses. Poor eyesight causes much distress and expences. As the years go by, the eyesight is hardly ever getting better.
Do you have such kind of problem? Is it hard for you to read the “best-before date” on the package? Do you feel calm behind the wheel of your car? Can you read all the conditions and terms of contracts in small print?

About 100 people for 2 days have already managed to improve their eyesight without surgery at our training in St.Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk!

Here are some reviews from the attendees:

… Now I can see 5 lines from 5 meters away – and at the beginning I could see only 1 line from 1,5 meters…
….at the training my eyesight became 30% better. I have finally managed to see the definition of images around.

… I could say about Igor Lusin, the trainer, that he is the great Man with a capital “M”. First of all because there is so much love in his heart and it’s very important…

…I came to the seminar to be supported by some like-minded people, to get the energy of confidence while making my eyesight better…
I realized, maybe, the greatest reason why human eyesight can become so affected and poor.

… The main thing what happened is that I opened my eyes!!! When I used to wear glasses the colors were absolutely different.

We developed the unique method of sight recovering “Insight”

“Insight” – is the opportunity to see and realize the reasons of visual deterioration, and get free from this stressful situation that caused it. And at last the way to make a decision : TO SEE!!!

What is this training-seminar “Insight”?

“Insight” is the recovery of your natural vigilance, the vigilance of your eyes, heart, mind… your SOUL.

For your SOUL to see the light, you should drop all the weight off your mind, open your chest wide, in the eye of fresh wind and let yourself throw away all the trash of fears from inside your heart.

The training will let you:

  • realize what is it that doesn’t let you see everything clearly and let go all gathered experience
  • enter your new life without glasses or lenses
  • get the golden theoretical and practical materials that Igor Lusin — a doctor by profession and Expert for real — will share with you
  • get real instruments and exercises for improvement of vision and keeping it in good condition


  • theory: anatomy and physiology of vision, psychological aspects of eyesight
  • training exercises
  • Psychodrama, family positioning and other psychocorrective methods
  • opthalmic gymnastics and exercises for vision improvement

Training leader:

Игорь ЛузинIgor Lusin – doctor, psychotherapist, trainer



Date: 29-30.11. 2013 Jerusalem

Cost: 500$ and more, depending on payment due date

If you want to arrange this training in you city –  get in touch with us!

Bonus: Video CD with practical exercises AS A PRESENT!

New quality of life, lightness and enervation fro your eyes, clarity of vision, new opportunities!

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